The Product Samurai

With agile practices becoming the standard, the call for product leadership has never been louder. Meanwhile, product managers are drowning in feature alignment and internal stakeholder discussions; slowed by technical and organizational complexity; and crippled by risk-averse company cultures. How can they focus on clear market outcomes when fear and uncertainty cloud the way?

“Read at your own peril. This book will change the way you manage your products.”

Long ago the Samurai learned that agility in itself was not enough. They understood that leadership comes from an unwavering vision, clear values and the relentless exercise of martial arts training practices, or katas. Now you can learn what made them successful and how it translates to beter product management.




Chris Lukassen

He was a product manager at large enterprises like Thales, fast moving consumer goods like TomTom, a variety of startups and international players like Saab. His broad technical background includes real-time software development, system engineering but also electronics and martial arts.

Chris is on a mission to “change the way people think about creating products so profoundly that they cannot imagine going back to the old way.” He does this by training, coaching, public speaking and as author of the best seller: “The Product Samurai".

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